African Diaspora Merits Awards (ADMA) was created in 2012 by Leonard Ajayi-Odekhiran and Tony Dele  Akinyemi to celebrate African achievers that are giving their Countries and the continent of Africa a good and positive image. ADMA was also created to Honor and celebrate both Africans and Non Africans that are contributing positively towards Africa and Africans.

Leonard Ajayi-Odekhiran and Anthony Dele-Akinyemi are both Co-Presidents and CEO’s of Double “A” Entertainment an entertainment outfit, with this they Pioneered Nollywood in Europe by being the very first to make a complete Nollywood Movie in Europe (1998-Under Pressure) After obtaining a Diploma in film-making at the famous Hollywood Film Institute USA, they wrote and short the blockbuster DAPO JUNIOR starring Nollywood’s foremost super stars Liz Benson and Saint Obi. Tony and Leonard has both written and short several other movies, they have also taken many African Musicians on European tours. For their contributions towards Africans in the Diaspora and the Continent of African itself Tony and Leonard has been Honored with Holland Based “The Voice Achievers Award” Germany Based “Nega Awards” and Belgium Based “Nigerians in Europe Creativity Awards”. Tony Dele Akinyemi is the Chairman of Stichting Imaani (NGO) and current Chairman of Nollywood Europe while Leonard Ajayi-Odekhiran is the current PRO of Nolywood Europe, both of them reside in the Netherlands with their families.

03 Leonard Ajayi-Odekhiran & Tony Dele Akinyemi (Recipient  Nigerians In the Benelux Creativity Award)

Proudly posing with our Awards at the “Nigerians in the Benelux Creativity Awards” for our contribution towards Entertainment in Europe.

02. Leonard Ajayi-Odekhiran & Tony Dele Akinyemi  (Recipient NEGA Awards Germany)

Leonard and Tony receiving the Nollywood E Golden Awards (NEGA Germany) as the pioneer of Nollywood in Europe.
The Award was presented by The National President of Association of Movie Producers (AMP) Mr. Zik Zulu Okafor.

01. Leonard Ajayi-Odekhiran & Tony Dele Akinyemi  (Recipient The VOICE Achievers Award)

Accepting the Diaspora Entertainment Award at the Voice Achievers Award Holland.